Secret City “Tracks In The Sky”

Video created by Sam Arnold.


Denver Drum Teachers and Drummers

Denver area drum students and teachers feel free to contact me.  Would like to talk to you about drum instruction, playing live gigs, and the music business in general.  Please check out my free online drum lesson, drum solos, and my beginning snare book. (Basic Snare Drum).

basic snare drum            Basic Snare Drum cd

Meet Denver’s Premier Drum Instructor


Drum Instructor Steve Faulkner

Steve Faulkner has been a fixture on the Denver Metro Area music scene for nearly five decades.  Steve began his drumming journey in the 1960’s performing with several groups, most notably the psychedelic/progressive/jazz ensemble known as Umbra.

Faulkner has traveled the world performing, and has worked as an instructor in the Denver area for many years and continues to instruct out of Lakewood’s Rockley Music store.

Phone   303-437-2616