Denver Drum Instructor Steve Faulkner Recommends…..

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I am proud to endorse these fine drumming manufacturers for all of Colorado’s drummers:

The Dixon Artisan Kit


The Artisan kit is all maple.  This fine kit has the sustain, attack, and sonic balance that is inherent in maple.  It is a green matrix finish [not wrapped].  The Artisan looks as good as it sounds.  I proudly utilize this kit stays in my studio at Rockley Music in Lakewood, Colorado.

Saluda Hand Crafted Cymbals


Saluda makes as good a cymbal as any major name company.  The crashes, rides, and hi-hats have superb definition.  The clarity and tonality speak to the quality of this company.  When you call them, more often than not, the owner answers the phone. Jamie Lambert will listen to your wants and needs.  Once he knows what you want and why, he has an uncanny ability to make or pick the perfect cymbal for you.  Saluda is a company with a strong business plan, and realistic vision. I’m the first artist they signed.

SilverFox Drum Sticks


SILVERFOX 02SilverFox is a smaller company owned and operated by drummers and percussionists. Their sticks are evenly balanced, durable, and feel natural in your hands.  They also have many star endorsers.  The service to their artists is first class and they have a very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

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