Do you take beginners?
Yes. Be aware that the student may be better served by playing the snare drum before trying to play the drum kit. Depends on the age of the student.

Do we have to take lessons for a certain amount of time?
No. ask that you give it a month.  After that, there is no obligation.

Where do we go for lessons?
Rockley Music has the education center directly behind the music store. I’m in studio 3.

Do we pay you or the store?
You pay the store, the store pays me.  The lessons are paid a month in advance.

Do we need to bring equipment?
No.   I have equipment in my studio.  You will need a pair of sticks, blank staff paper, or a book.

What book will I need?
Depends on what we are going to do.   If we are doing beginning snare, it will be a book titled “Basic Snare Drum”.  This method is written by me.   Available through Amazon or Create Space.

How long is the lesson?
Lessons are 30 minutes.

Will my lesson be with other students?
It is a private lesson.

May a parent sit in on the lesson?

How old does a student need to be in order to take lessons?
I prefer that students be at least 7 years old.
(Note: All of the teachers at Rockley’s have successfully passed thorough background checks,)

Do you take adult students?
Yes. T hey can have previous experience, or be a beginner.