What Colorado’s Drummers are saying about Drum Instructor Steve Faulkner….

Denver area drum teacher - Drum Lessons

“Steve is a man who exceeds all expectations when it comes to the art of teaching drums. This is a man who I met seven years ago with the expectation he would  teach me how to play the drums. Those expectations were dramatically exceeded. Not only has Steve taught me everything I know about drums and music but he has taught me a great deal about life as well. He embraces a variety of teaching techniques and styles understanding what motivates each student individually. He has a true talent for knowing how each of his students learn.”

Jake G. – Lakewood, Colorado

I have taken lessons as a young boy for 7 years. Now that I am in my twenties, Steve’s support and teaching techniques are still with me while I play the type of music I enjoy. You won’t be disappointed!”

Todd B. – Louisville, Colorado

Email stevecdrum@aol.com
Phone   303-437-2616

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